Restorative justice will only come from the students themselves. This is an uprising without coordinates or coordination, without party, without union or institution. It is a link of affiliation and solidarity beyond any common belonging to a nation, or class. It is the reimagining of alliance against power for an epoch of new networks of oppression and resistance that as yet have no road map or predetermined responses, without precedent in this country for two generations. For this reason the students must continue to protest, to hustle and hassle, to tweet and blog, and scream and shout as much as they can until this disgraceful injustice is repealed.

Click here for a free audio download, ‘The Government of Self and Others: On Foucault’s Lectures at the Collège de France, 1982/3’, CRMEP, 2nd December 2010, Bolivar Hall, Grafton Way London. Papers by John Marks (University of Nottingham), Miguel de Beistegui (University of Warwick), Johanna Oksala (University of Dundee) and Mathieu Potte Boneville (Collège international […]

Click here for a free audio download of Howard Caygill’s ‘A Chapter of Accidents: Kafka’s “Nature Theatre of Oklahama”‘, presented at the LGS research seminar, Swedenborg Hall, Bloomsbury, London, 6th December 2010:

LGS 2017 Summer Academy Progamme: '1967'

Tuesday 09 May 2017
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This is the final programme for the 2017 London Graduate School Summer Academy in the Critical Humanities, on the topic of '1967': Monday 26 June 1pm...