Étienne Balibar’s lecture, ‘Eleven Theses on Marx and Marxism’, was presented to the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at the Swedenborg Hall, 14 April 2011. To listen: click here Étienne Balibar (University of Paris X and Irvine, University of California)

Listen to ‘Genet after Derrida’

Posted: Thursday 14 Apr 2011
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Listen to Mairéad Hanrahan’s research seminar on ‘Genet after Derrida’, recorded at the Swedenborg Society on 11 April 2011: click here. Mairéad Hanrahan is Professor and Head of Department of French at UCL.

The government is now faced with the choice of clawing back funds by three means: cutting the research budget, cutting the remainder of the teaching budget for ‘priority’ science subjects, or cutting student numbers across the sector. The first two options would disproportionately effect so-called ‘elite’ universities with strong research and large science faculties, who are already as expected charging the full £9K and unable to raise additional income beyond that. The third option would be a toxic political legacy for Vince Cable and the LibDems, no longer the party of ‘social mobility’ but the party that trebled tuition fees and cut student places. David Willetts tours the television studios of the UK asserting that he does not recognise the figure of £1bn as the additional cost of price-clustering around £9K. He is quite right; the actual figure is at least £3bn per annum.

Symposium: Rhythm & Event

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Rhythm & Event symposium, key speakers include Matthew Fuller (Goldsmiths College) & Andrew Goffey (Middlesex University), Angus Carlyle (CRiSAP), Jussi Parikka (Winchester School of Art/ University of Southampton), 29th October, 2011

Quentin Tarantino and Cinema’s Other Enjoyment The London Graduate School and the London Society for the New Lacanian School held a symposium on Quentin Tarantino and psychoanalysis beyond the paternal principle on 4th April, at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London. To listen to the event click here Includes: INTRODUCTION Véronique Voruz (the […]

The scandal of phone hacking at the News of the World tells us a great deal about how Britain is run. On any normal measure the revelation that a foreign-owned corporation might have been intercepting the communications of Cabinet ministers should be sensational and shocking, yet five years into this affair most people are barely […]

Mairéad Hanrahan (UCL), ‘Genet after Derrida’, Swedenborg Hall, 11th April, 2011, 6-8pm. Free event. All welcome.

Words such as شعب (people), which conjures up a visual representation of the labyrinth and narrow mountain pass, or ثورة (revolution) expressing an action through the mental picture of the bull, are indicative of the complex montage of image, space, bodies, action and words which characterizes the Arabic language. A more careful reading and a better translation of such key words may lead to a better understanding of the structure of feelings which informs the cultural context of the protest movements in the Arab world.

LGS 2017 Summer Academy Progamme: '1967'

Tuesday 09 May 2017
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This is the final programme for the 2017 London Graduate School Summer Academy in the Critical Humanities, on the topic of '1967': Monday 26 June 1pm...