A public lecture hosted by the London Graduate School: “On the Christian Question (Marx, Nietzsche, Freud)” Gil Anidjar (Columbia University) 6-8PM on Monday, October 28th Of all the infamous questions Europe has raised for itself, if not for the other, the Christian question has yet to gain adequate notoriety. It is as if age-old hesitations […]

The London Graduate School Seminar Series 2013

Posted: Wednesday 25 Sep 2013
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The London Graduate School seminar series for 2013 will be held at Kingston University, London and is open to all who wish to attend. Part 1: Andrew Benjamin TIME and FORGIVENESS Arendt’s supposition advanced in The Human Condition is that the inscription of the pardon and the promise into a concern with the ethical has […]

Going into Labour

Posted: Tuesday 24 Sep 2013
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Going into Labour As the Labour Party gathers in Brighton for its annual conference, Martin McQuillan reviews its policy options for universities. Officially the Labour Party is still in policy review mode when it comes to higher education. In reality the window on reflection and consultation is closing quickly in advance of the next election […]

For the latest in our series exploring film through a philosophical lens, Professor Martin McQuillan (author of Deconstruction after 9/11) presents Ken McMullen’s political tale, a portrait of Leon Trotsky’s troubled daughter in 1930s Berlin as she undergoes treatment from psychotherapist Arthur Kronfeld (Ian McKellen). We are joined by the director following the screening, with […]

LGS 2017 Summer Academy Progamme: '1967'

Tuesday 09 May 2017
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This is the final programme for the 2017 London Graduate School Summer Academy in the Critical Humanities, on the topic of '1967': Monday 26 June 1pm...