Raoul Ruiz’s surreal fantasy of a sailor’s dreamlike voyage provides much to discuss. In the latest edition of our series exploring the connections between philosophy and film, Michael Goddard (author of Impossible Cartographies: The Cinema of Raoul Ruiz) presents a screening of Ruiz’s surreal fantasy, in which a sailor navigates dreamlike geographies, weaving wonderful stories. […]

Postmodern Culture special issue on ‘Debt’

Posted: Saturday 27 Sep 2014
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A special issue of the on-line journal Postmodern Culture, published by The Johns Hopkins University Press, is now available. Focussing on the topic of ‘Debt’, this features essays by Etienne Balibar, Simon Morgan Wortham, Samuel Weber, Martin McQuillan and Fred Botting. Arising initially from the London Graduate School’s symposium on “Debt” held in March 2013, […]

“Simon Morgan Wortham’s Modern Thought in Pain is ambitious in scope, compellingly presented and timely. The book’s daring central premise is that pain is not merely an object for thought, but is implicated in the very act of thinking. The book forges a new way of understanding how modern ethics, psychoanalysis and aesthetics arise and […]

WERNER HAMACHER: GESTURE, PERFORMATIVITY, LANGUAGE An event jointly organised by the London Graduate School and the Royal College of Art. Convened by Andrew Benjamin and Chiara Alfano, and featuring Werner Hamacher To be held at Royal College of Art in Humanities Seminar Room 1, 2nd Floor, Stevens Building, 2-6 Jay Mews, London SW7 2EP SCHEDULE: […]

The Daily Mail and the Stephen Lawrence Murder by Brian Cathcart

Thursday 02 Nov 2017
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Read Brain Cathcart's article in Political Quarterly here The Daily Mail's coverage of the 1993 race murder of Stephen Lawrence has been held up as...