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Liam Sprod

Liam Sprod is a Doctoral Research Student with the London Graduate School at Kingston University, London.

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His current research uses an investigation of the asymmetry of time and space in the work of Immanuel Kant and the phenomenological tradition as a way to open up and restructure the confrontation between idealism and realism, and thus address – without resorting to polemical endorsement or rejection – the charge of correlationism and the catastrophic characterisation of Kant put forward by Quentin Meillassoux.  Additional research interests include: the ontology of hauntology; the philosophy of art theory; the futural temporality of the nuclear age; and, objectness and art at the end of history.

His most recent book is Nuclear Futurism: The work of art in the age of remainderless destruction (Winchester: Zero Books, 2012).  He has recently spoken at a symposium on Nuclear Culture on Film at The Arts Catalyst, London and presented a paper on ‘The Metaphysics of Messianic Time’ at the University of Iceland.  He had previously taught at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden and the University of Tasmania in Hobart, Australia.

The Speaking Body is Today’s Unconscious Psychoanalysis on the 21st Century

Monday 25 Jan 2016
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