London Graduate School

London Fellows

Joanna Callaghan (Sussex University)

Howard Caygill (CRMEP, Kingston)

Mark Currie (Queen Mary, London)

Paul Davies (Sussex University)

Robert Eaglestone (Royal Holloway, London)

Sean Gaston (Brunel University)

Jeremy Gilbert (University of East London)

Simon Glendinning (LSE)

Mairéad Hanrahan (UCL)

Marian Hobson (Queen Mary, London)

Angela McRobbie (Goldsmiths, London)

Catherine Malabou (CRMEP, Kingston)

Jo Morra (Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design)

Nicholas Royle (Sussex University)

Marq Smith (RCA)

Véronique Voruz (London Society of the New Lacanian School)

Sarah Wood (Kent University)

Joanna Zylinska (Goldsmiths, London)

Rachel Bowlby (UCL)


The Daily Mail and the Stephen Lawrence Murder by Brian Cathcart

Thursday 02 Nov 2017
Posted in Thoughtpiece

Read Brain Cathcart's article in Political Quarterly here The Daily Mail's coverage of the 1993 race murder of Stephen Lawrence has been held up as...