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Parallax 17.1 (2011): ‘Conjurations’, edited by Mauro Senatore

Posted: Wednesday 09 Feb 2011
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  Conjuring Bodies: Kofman’s Lesson on Death
Pleshette DeArmitt
  Déjà Vieux: Derrida’s Late Conjuration of de Man
Martin McQuillan
  The Chase: Rivalry and Conjuration
Kas Saghafi
  In the Name of the Event: The Deconstructive Conjuration
Mauro Senatore
  Conjuring Time: Jacques Derrida, Between Testimony and Literature
Francesco Vitale
  The Chance of Thinking – Conjurations
Simon Morgan Wortham
  Living with the Irreparable. A Critique of Derrida’s Theory of Forgiveness
Giovanna Borradori  

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