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Performatives After Deconstruction (Bloomsbury, 2013), edited by Mauro Senatore

Posted: Sunday 03 Feb 2013
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What has happened since de Man and Derrida first read Austin? How has the encounter between deconstruction and the performative affected each of these terms? In addressing these questions, this book brings together scholars whose works have been provoked in different ways by the encounter of deconstruction and the performative.

Following Derrida’s appeal to any rigorous deconstruction to reckon with Austin’s theorems and his ever growing commitment to rethink and rewrite the performative and its multiple articulations, it is now urgent that we reflect upon the effects of a theoretical event that has profoundly marked the contemporary scene. The contributors to this book suggest various ways of re-reading the heritage and future of both deconstruction and the performative after their encounter, bringing into focus both the constitutive aporia of the performative and the role it plays within the deconstruction of the metaphysical tradition.

Table Of Contents

Notes on Contributors \ Acknowledgements \ Introduction: Positing, the Performative and the Supplement Mauro Senatore \ Part I \ 1. Promising Hospitality: l’Étranger Gives the Law in D’Alembert’s GENÈVE Ellen S. Burt \ 2. Performative Perfume Diane Davis \ 3. The Performative and the Normative Matthias Fritsch \ Part II \ 4. Performativity as Ek-scription: Adonis After Derrida Herman Rapaport \ 5. Living On: the Absolute Performative Francesco Vitale \ 6. Archive-Abilities Simon Morgan Wortham \ Part III \ 7. The Performativity of Art Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield \ 8. Passive Performative John W. P. Phillips \ Part IV \ 9. Departures: the American Future of Psychoanalysis Martin McQuillan\ 10. Laruelle Contra Derrida. Performative Realism and the Logics of Consistency John Mullarkey \ Epilogue: No Sooner Said Than Done Alexander García Düttmann \ Bibliography \ Index


“Mauro Senatore has put together an excellent collection on the question of the performative as it relates to a number of different academic fields. The book brings together some of the most complex questions of the nature of performativity, and will be an excellent teaching tool for anyone interested in the question not only of the performative but also of psychoanalysis and the thinking of the later Derrida.” – Drucilla Cornell, Professor of Political Science, Women’s Studies and Comparative Literature, Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, USA

“This is an extraordinary collection of essays on a theme that is often neglected and even more often misunderstood in deconstruction. The volume traces deconstruction’s contribution to the theory of the performative from Derrida’s early works on speech act theory right up to his last published words, from his rethinking of such notions as the promise, hospitality, friendship, democracy, responsibility, decision, ethics, and the event, to his own performative engagements with notions of the archive, survival, the signature, art, poetry, the history of psychoanalysis, and the testamentary. If both a theory and a practice of the performative are essential to deconstruction, this volume is indispensable for understanding what deconstruction is and what the performative has become in its wake.” – Michael Naas, Professor and Chair of Philosophy, De Paul University, USA

“Almost every dimension of contemporary critical discourse has been affected by the debates between Anglo-American and continental thinkers concerning the structure and function of the performative. This volume not only addresses the problem of the performative from a variety of perspectives, it also provides insight into its genesis: how it is that the “performativity of the performative” has become a decisive question for contemporary culture.” – Peter Fenves, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Political Science, and English, Northwestern University USA

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