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The Derrida Dictionary by Simon Morgan Wortham

Posted: Sunday 13 Jun 2010
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The Derrida Dictionary is a comprehensive and accessible guide to the world of Jacques Derrida, the founder of deconstruction and one of the most important and influential European thinkers of the twentieth century. Meticulously researched and extensively cross-referenced, this unique book covers all his major works, ideas and influences and provides a firm grounding in the central themes of Derrida’s thought. Students will discover a wealth of useful information, analysis and criticism. A-Z entries include clear definitions of all the key terms used in Derrida’s writings and detailed synopses of his key works.

The Dictionary also includes entries on Derrida’s major philosophical influences and those he engaged with, such as Kant, Hegel, Husserl, Freud, Heidegger, Foucault, Lacan and Levinas. It covers everything that is essential to a sound understanding of Derrida’s philosophy, offering clear and accessible explanations of often complex terminology. The Derrida Dictionary is the ideal resource for anyone reading or studying Derrida, deconstruction or modern European philosophy more generally.

“Simon Morgan Wortham’s Derrida Dictionary is a spectacular intellectual accomplishment. He has amazing mastery of all Derrida’s multitudinous writings (about seventy books, an immense number of articles and interviews). Perhaps the highest praise I can make of this extraordinary and extraordinarily valuable book is that each entry, rather than closing the door on a given Derridean topic, makes you want to go back and read or reread for yourself Archive Fever or Paper Machine or Without Alibi, and all the rest of those seventy books.” – J. Hillis Miller, Distinguished Research Professor of Comparative Literature, University of California, Irvine, USA, author of For Derrida (Fordham, 2009)

“Simon Morgan Wortham’s dictionary is much more than a dictionary; it is, above all, a remarkable collection of short essays on Derrida’s major works and concepts that will serve as valuable introductions to newcomers and useful reminders to those already familiar with Derrida’s writings. Doing full justice to all periods and areas of Derrida’s work, it succeeds in showing both his extraordinary range and the connections and continuities that link his various ventures in thought.” – Derek Attridge, University of York, UK

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