Kingston University set to unveil The London Graduate School

Posted: Friday 18 Jun 2010
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The closure of Middlesex philosophy was not simply an economic necessity at one particular institution (the economic basis of the decision was always questionable), but it was more broadly the result of a fast-waning commitment to the intellectual project of the University in general. This has been long in coming, but its effects are now increasingly critical and widespread.

At Kingston, we are committed to fostering a renewal of the University’s intellectual project, launching a series of initiatives that together provide a forum for exploring – in the spirit of a new public realm – emergent and diverse forms of thought, new openings in cultural practice, and alternative lines of communication and experience, in the context of one of the most diverse and dynamic capital cities in the world.

One such initiative is The London Graduate School, a new doctoral programme, postgraduate seminar and series of events in contemporary critical theory to be offered in London from 2010. The London Graduate School brings together world-leading scholars in philosophy, literature, culture, media, and theory, major figures in contemporary art practice, film-making and writing, and imaginative, creative students working at the forefront of their disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields. Conferences, symposia, seminars and practice-based and multi-media initiatives will involve high-profile academics, writers, thinkers and art-makers from around the world.

The extraordinary intensity and reach of the Middlesex campaign demonstrates that the current crisis is matched by a renewed energy among philosophers and thinkers across the globe, one that runs across intellectual, cultural, linguistic, and geographical borders. We aim to play our part just as energetically in re-establishing London as a key forum for such renewal.

Professor Simon Morgan Wortham, Professor of English Literature, School of Humanities, Kingston University London

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The Beast and the Sovereign and Beyond: The Derrida Seminars

Wednesday 30 Jun 2010
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  • Allan Stoekl
  • Andrew Benjamin
  • Andrew Hussey
  • Andrzej Warminski
  • Angela McRobbie
  • Barbara Hernstein Smith
  • Catherine Malabou
  • Celine Surprenant
  • Christopher Fynsk
  • Claire Colebrook
  • David Theo Goldberg
  • David Wills
  • David Wood
  • Derek Attridge
  • Diane Rubenstein
  • Drucilla Cornell
  • Elisabeth Bronfen
  • Elissa Marder
  • Ellen Burt
  • Eric Alliez
  • Forbes Morlock
  • Fred Botting
  • Fred Orton
  • Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
  • Geoffrey Bennington
  • George Lipsitz
  • Graham Allen
  • Gregory Ulmer
  • Hélène Cixous
  • Herman Rapaport
  • Homi K. Bhabha
  • Howard Caygill
  • J. Hillis Miller
  • Jean-Jacques Lecercle
  • Jeremy Gilbert
  • Jo Morra
  • Joanna Callaghan
  • Joanna Zylinska
  • John Hutynk
  • John Lechte
  • John Phillips
  • Jonathan Dronsfield
  • Kevin Newmark
  • Leslie-Anne Boldt-Irons
  • Mairéad Hanrahan
  • Marc Redfield
  • Marian Hobson
  • Mark Currie
  • Marq Smith
  • Martin Hagglund
  • Martin McQuillan
  • Michael J. Shapiro
  • Mick Dillon
  • Nicholas Royle
  • Nick Mansfield
  • Nicole Anderson
  • Obrad Savic
  • Paul Davies
  • Peggy Kamuf
  • Peter Fenves
  • Peter Hallward
  • Peter Nicholls
  • Peter Osbourne
  • Quentin Meillassoux
  • Rachel Bowlby
  • Rei Terada
  • Richard Doyle
  • Robert Eaglestone
  • Robert J.C. Young
  • Robert Smith
  • Ronald Bogue
  • Samuel Weber
  • Sarah Wood
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  • Sean Gaston
  • Simon Glendinning
  • Simon Morgan Wortham
  • Stella Sanford
  • Stephen Barker
  • Steve Mailloux
  • Thomas Docherty
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  • Veronique Voruz
  • Werner Hamacher