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Performatives after Deconstruction

Posted: Thursday 17 Jun 2010
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Since Derrida, de Man and Miller first read Austin, the encounter between deconstruction and the performative has affected every discipline of the humanities (politics, law, architecture, literature, philosophy, psychoanalysis, critical theory, cultural studies, etc.). Analyses have multiplied and have put into relief the performative structure of concepts and traditions in a search for their conditions and laws of possibility. This conference at Kingston University seeks to understand the current terrain of the performative after deconstruction: its heritage, its operation and its future.

Speakers include Drucilla Cornell, Jonathan Dronsfield, Alexander Düttman, Robert Eaglestone, Simon Glendinning, John Mullarkey and Nicholas Royle.

Contact Martin McQuillan or Simon Morgan Wortham for further details or visit Kingston University FASS. Event organiser: Mauro Senatore.

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