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Scott Wilson trumpets the case for the vuvuzela

Posted: Friday 18 Jun 2010
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LGS’ Scott Wilson weighs in on the great debate of our age: the vuvuzela question.

“Football is one of the world’s most boring sports, for the fan the boredom being attenuated by constant gnawing tension that is enlivened by anger, rage, moments of euphoria, incredulity and despair. Or at least that’s my experience living in England. For amusia, however, the current world cup is a constant joy because of the general annoyance caused to the world’s broadcasting networks and much of its global audience by the mass buzzing of the vuvuzelas…”

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Where do you stand on the vuvuzela issue? Are they harmless fun, a blight on the ‘beautiful game’ or, as Scott says, are they the pipes of boredom’s joy?

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