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Announcing LGS Graduate Seminar in the Critical Humanities (Autumn Term)

Posted: Tuesday 29 Sep 2015
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Tuesdays, 5-7 pm

John Galsworthy Building Room 2005

Penrhyn Road campus

Kingston University


Seminar coordinator

Prof Isabella van Elferen,


Sven Raeymaekers, /


Reading material will be made available in PDF ahead of each seminar.




6 October

Prof Isabella van Elferen: Phenomenology vs Ontology (vs Sound)

Reading: Jean-Luc Nancy, Listening (2007)


13 October

Prof Fred Botting: On Desire

Reading: TBC


20 October

Prof Tina Chanter: Rancière and Feminist Aesthetics

Reading: TBC


27 October

October 27.

Prof Andrew Benjamin: Images, Iconoclasm and the Founding of the Law

Reading: Exodus 32. 19-20

Viewing: Rembrandt. Moses Breaking the Tablets of the Law (1659)


10 November

Prof Peter Buse: On Enjoyment

Reading: TBC


17 November, NB: seminar from 7-9 pm this week

Dr Helen Palmer: Borders and Surfaces: Deleuze’s Nomadic Alice

Reading: Gilles Deleuze, The Logic of Sense


24 November

Prof John O’Maoilearca: Non-Standard Equalities

Reading: Alexander Galloway, Laruelle: Against the Digital, 2014


1 December

Dr Hager Weslati: Boredom & Time

Reading: from Heidegger’s The Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics (1929-30)


8 December

Dr Eleni Ikoniadou: Sonic Fictions

Reading: Kodwo Eshun, ‘Operating System for the redesign of sonic reality’ in More Brilliant than the Sun (1998)


15 December

Prof Simon Morgan Wortham: On Civility: Balibar, Rancière, Lyotard

Reading: selections from Etienne Balibar, Violence and Civility (2015); J.F. Lyotard, ‘The Other’s Rights’ (1993)

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