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Unruly Creatures: The Art and Politics of the Animal

Posted: Friday 14 Jan 2011
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Unruly Creatures Conference podcast now available for download here

Unruly Creatures: The Art and Politics of the Animal
Natural History Museum, June 14 2011
Admission Free

The London Graduate School is holding a one-day conference at the Natural History Museum on June 14 2011 entitled ‘Unruly Creatures: The Art and Politics of the Animal’. Its purpose is to analyse and discuss the numerous ways in which animals have been used in contemporary art and the humanities, the political and philosophical implications of this use, and, especially, the manner in which animals have also resisted such employment. With examples taken from philosophy, fine art, and recent films by Phillip Warnell and Vinciane Despret, we will examine whether there is an art, politics, and thinking that is peculiarly ‘animal’.

The speakers for the event are:

Cary Wolfe (Rice University)
Steve Baker (University of Central Lancashire)
Vinciane Despret (l’Université de Liège/l’Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Phillip Warnell (Kingston University)
The conference, run in association with the Centre for Arts and Humanities Research at the NHM, will have free admission, though all delegates must pre-register. For further information contact: Prof John Mullarkey in Film and Television Studies at

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