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Final Programme for the London Graduate School Summer Academy 2014

Posted: Tuesday 10 Jun 2014
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The final programme for the London Graduate School Summer Academy to be held at Central Saint MartinsFor m has now been announced and is as follows:

Derrida’s Glas

Final Programme

Monday 23rd June
9-9.30 Registration
9.30-10 Welcome and introduction
10-12 Mairéad Hanrahan (University College London), ‘Mourning Taxonomies’
2-4 Reading groups, led by Mairéad Hanrahan and Simon Morgan Wortham
4.30pm Social event

Tuesday 24th June
10-12 Catherine Malabou (Kingston University), ‘Philosophy in Erection’
2-4 Reading groups, led by Catherine Malabou and Andrew Benjamin
4-6 Etienne Balibar (Columbia University/Kingston University), ‘Community, Universality, and the différance of the Absolute in Glas’

Wednesday 25th June
10-12 Tina Chanter (Kingston University), ‘Antigone as White Fetish of Hegel and Seductress of Derrida’
2-4 Reading groups, led by Tina Chanter and Chiara Alfano

Thursday 26th June
10-12 Geoffrey Bennington (Emory University), ‘Method and Metaphor in Glas’
2-4 Reading groups, led by Geoffrey Bennington and Chiara Alfano
4-6 Andrew Benjamin (Kingston University/Monash University), ‘Où conduit le désir d’Antigone? Derrida, Antigone’

For more information about the London Graduate School Summer Academy, please click here.


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