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LGS Graduate Seminar 2012-13 Spring Term Programme

Posted: Monday 14 Jan 2013
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Announcing the LGS graduate seminar programme for Spring Term 2012-13. For all students of the LGS. Also open to CRMEP students. Seminars will take place in the John Gallsworthy Building on the Penrhyn Road Campus, Room JG3015, from 4-6pm.

5th February – Samuel Weber, Walter Benjamin, The Origin of German Tragic Drama, trans. John Osborne (Verso, 1998)

12th February – Martin McQuillan, Jacques Derrida, ‘Spectographies’, in Ecographies of Television (polity, 2002)

19th February – Martin McQuillan and Simon Morgan Wortham, Jacques Derrida, ‘Psychoanalysis Searches the States of its Soul’, in Without Alibi, ed. and trans. Peggy Kamuf (Stanford University Press, 2002)

26th February – Simon Morgan Wortham, J-F. Lyotard, ‘The Sublime and the Avant-Garde’ in The Lyotard Reader, ed. Andrew Benjamin (Blackwell, 1992)

5th March – John Mullarkey, Jacques Derrida, The Animal that Therefore I Am, ed. Marie-Louise Mallet, trans. David Wills  (Fordham University Press, 2008)

12th March – Samuel Weber, Jacques Derrida, The Other Heading: Reflections on Today’s Europe, trans. Pascale-Anne Brault and Michael Naas (Indiana University Press, 1992)

19th March – Hager Weslati, Alexandre Kojeve, ‘Origin and Evolution of Right’, in Outline of a Phenomenology of Right, ed. Bryan-Paul Frost, trans. Robert Howse (Rowman and Littlefield, 2007) in conjunction with a screening of Hell in the Pacific, dir. John Boorman (1968)

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