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Listen to Éric Alliez, ‘Duchamp à Calcutta’

Posted: Friday 17 May 2013
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CRMEP and LGS in collaboration with Art and Philosophy at Central St Martins present:

Professor Éric Alliez (Kingston) – Duchamp à Calcutta

Recorded 2nd May 2013

To listen click here

No, Duchamp didn’t go to Calcutta and it is a terribly bad pun, used here to refresh the tautological inquiry into Duchamp’s ‘meta-eroticism’ (a tautology since Duchamp, readymade included, is the meta-ironic specialist in precision ass and glass works –precision oculism). But it is a productive tautology if the whole Duchampian corpus can be rearticulated – via Lacan and against Lacan’s phallogocentrism – through the passage from the principle of contradiction to the principle ‘there is no sexual relation’; and from the latter to the transexuation of Rrose Sélavy, subverting the grammaticality of painting (‘the arrhe of painting’), ‘feminine in gender’. Duchamp à Calcutta, or, Duchamp du sexe.

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