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Listen to ‘Innovators on Innovation’

Posted: Monday 27 Jun 2011
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In this series of conversations writer and journalist Robert Rowland Smith talks to leading figures from a diverse range of fields: from music to business, from photography to social enterprise.

Podcast 1: Judith Hemming, foremost practitioner of ‘Constellations’
Podcast 2: Matt Kingdon, chairman and chief enthusiast of ‘What If’
Podcast 3: Matthew Herbert, musician and producer
Podcast 4: Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the Royal Society of Arts
Podcast 5: Noma Bar, illustrator and designer
Podcast 6: Ori Gersht, photographer and film-maker
Podcast 7: Sophie Howarth, the founding director of the ‘School of Life’
This series of podcasts was produced by Patrick Oldham, with original music by Matthew Herbert.

To listen click here

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