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Twenty days to save the International College of Philosophy!

Posted: Friday 17 Oct 2014
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Le Collège international de philosophie, established in Paris in 1983 by act of State and funded by the French government, is at risk of imminent closure. Through the efforts of Jacques Derrida, Dominique Lecourt, Jean-Pierre Faye, François Châtelet and others, the  Collège was founded as a highly singular institution, committed to the democratization of thought, inclusivity at all levels of culture and society, and an international and interdisciplinary orientation in all its activities. Its public funding, having declined over recent years, now largely supports the costs of its administrative team. Changes to the rules of public accounting in France have led the Collège to align itself with l’Université Paris Lumières, but in the process the positions promised for the Collège in this new setting have been put in jeopardy. If no solution is found, the Collège will have to declare a cessation of payments on 5 November 2014, risking the end of the activities for which it has become world-famous. This situation would be disastrous for French thought both in and outside of France. It is unacceptable that there are only twenty days to prevent this disaster.

The London Graduate School adds its voice to the protest currently underway, and expresses solidarity with all those seeking to save the Collège.




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